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Cyclone Separator


As long as Nice has been in business, Nice has been applying and building high efficiency cyclone collectors. Nice engineers have studied most cyclone designs and theories and have developed a simple line of cyclones that maximize efficiencies while maintaining affordable prices.


In general, cyclones are used to remove dust and other product streams from processing operations. There are many factors that directly affect the efficiency of a cyclone.

Tests have shown that, in general, the longer the cone the higher the efficiency. However, physical limitations on site sometimes limit the height available. Nice engineers performed extensive testing to determine cone lengths that maximize efficiency yet keep plant restrictions in mind.

The manner in which the air and product enters the cyclone also affects its efficiency. Nice pioneered the concept of keeping the inlet centerline tangent to the outside edge of the cyclone. This smooth introduction reduces turbulence and increases efficiency of Nice cyclones.

The smoother the inside surface, the more efficient the cyclone. Along the same lines, perfect roundness maximizes efficiency. Nice employs state-of-the-art cutting and rolling equipment to ensure that Nice cyclones are perfectly round and symmetrical with smooth interior surfaces.

Most importantly, Nice process engineers have the experience and know-how to properly size and apply Nice cyclones. Air volume, density, temperature, humidity along with product characteristics sometimes create complicated sets of criteria. Nice's experience in designing systems along with its expert craftsmanship provide our customers with highly efficient cyclone applications.